Green Pilots Georgetown

What is a Green Pilot?

Our main dining locations offer compost and recycling options for post-consumer waste. To reduce contamination, our Green Pilot Program incentivizes volunteering in our waste awareness efforts. Our Wipeout Waste event running February 5th-9th, 2024 aims to determine the impact of student’s discarded food. Become a Green Pilot today by filling out the form below and receive a free meal voucher for Leo’s or Epicurean & Co. after each volunteer shift! Bon voyage!

What is Wipeout Waste?

During lunch periods from 11am-2pm throughout the week of February 5th-9th, volunteers will man a table by the dish return in Leo’s dining hall and instruct students to wipe their uneaten food into a compost bin. We will weigh the bin at the end of the meal period and track how much waste gets composted in a single meal period, where we hope to reduce waste throughout the week!

Want to be a Green Pilot?

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