Dining Accommodation Process


Dietary Accommodations on the Basis of Disability or Religion

Georgetown is committed to supporting students’ health and well-being through on-campus dining options that promote access to a variety of healthy, fresh, and nutritious foods that meet students’ dietary needs. Georgetown requires all residential students to have a campus meal plan in order to support their on-campus living and learning success. Consistent access to a variety of nutritious foods is one of the foundations for successful learning and on-campus dining provides students with a source of community and shared experience.  The University can meet the vast majority of students’ dining needs — including disability-related or religious dietary requirements — through its extensive dining options, or through reasonable accommodations. 

Students are eligible for reasonable accommodations if they have a disability, meaning a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.  Depending on the circumstances, this may include conditions such as severe allergies, gluten intolerance, diabetes, gastrointestinal conditions, etc.  Students with qualifying religious observances may also receive dietary accommodations.  

For information on how to request dietary accommodations on the basis of disability or religion, please review the Georgetown University Dietary Accommodations Policy.  

Onsite Registered Dietitian

We recognize the difficulties that students with dietary restrictions may face while navigating the dining halls. An onsite Registered Dietitian can provide students with support and education regarding how to successfully navigate their dietary needs within the dining halls.  To schedule a consultation, students can reach out to mealplans@georgetown.edu. We encourage students to take advantage of this resource to gain a better understanding of their dining options on campus.

For more information on Georgetown’s dining offerings, please visit The Table Overview linked below.