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Each of our Meal Plans offers something different, so no matter who you are or how you eat, you can find a Meal Plan that works best for your schedule and lifestyle. All Meal Plans are annual, fall-to-spring contracts, which means you’ll automatically be billed for the spring semester for the same plan you had in fall. All students residing on campus are required to participate in a Meal Plan. The default plan for all students is the All Access Plan + $200 Flex Dollars. 

Once you have a Meal Plan, your student ID works like a debit card. Just swipe your card and the meal is deducted from your Meal Plan account.

Spring 2021 Meal Plans

All Access 7 + $200 FLEX

For: All Students Living in Residential Housing
Special Discounted Rate
  • Unlimited Swipes at The Table at Leo’s
  • 14 Meal Exchanges per week (Sun-Sat) (14 Meal Exchanges via GrubHub at Launch and Allergen)
  • $200 Flex Dollars
  • 2 Guest Meals each semester

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Meal Swipes. Flex Dollars. What does this all mean? Our plans come with a number of features to make your dining experience convenient and flexible. Learn about common terms and plan structure below, and check meal plan requirements and FAQs!

Requirements & FAQs

Meal Swipes

A designated number of meals to be used at Hoya Hospitality Dining Locations. Unused meal swipes expire at the end of each semester.

Flex Dollars

Designed to add variety, convenience, and flexibility to your meal plan. They work just like cash and are accepted at all Hoya Hospitality locations. Additional Flex Dollars can be added at anytime. A student must have a valid Meal Plan to add additional Flex Dollars. Flex Dollars are nonrefundable. Any unused Flex expires at the end of each semester.

Guest Meals

Certain Meal Plans come with a specified amount of Guest Meals. These additional meal swipes can be used to treat friends!

Hoyas @Home Grocery Delivery

Need more flexibility? Try the Hoyas @Home Grocery Delivery program. Students can order grocery items, household essentials, prepared meals, and care packages from their cell phone and we'll deliver it to their dorm! Hoyas @Home accepts FLEX dollars which are included with meal plans.

Meal Exchange

Meal Plans come with Meal Exchange swipes which can be used to purchase combo meals at participating Hoya Hospitality locations to give you maximum flexibility and variety in your campus dining experience.

Add Flex Dollars

For additional flexibility, Flex Dollars can be used at any Hoya Hospitality location – even delivery! You must have a Meal Plan to purchase Flex Dollars, which can be added to any Meal Plan.