sustainable dining made easy

Our Program

Through thoughtfully engineered recipes, local partnerships, and various sustainable practices, our team strives to provide a sustainable dining experience. We take pride in our communities, so we strive to minimize food waste, reduce our consumption of resources, and reduce our carbon footprint through various sustainability initiatives.

Responsibly Sourced

Did you know that at least 20% of our ingredients are grown, harvested, or produced within 150 miles of campus? Eating local keeps food fresh, reduces our carbon footprint, and supports our local communities.

Reduce Waste

From composting and recycling to food waste controls, we support a closed-loop waste management process. Our innovative practices include partnering with suppliers who share our purpose, working to reduce source packaging, enabling recovery and reuse of discarded materials, and recycling waste to create raw materials for other purposes.

Community Outreach

We engage in community outreach in order to spread awareness of our efforts in sustainability as well as to educate and garner participation in our programs. We make it a top priority to partner with student-led environmental groups and other campus and community organizations on shared initiatives.

How can you support sustainable dining?

Interested in more tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle while dining with us? Check out the quick list below to do your part.

  • Look for sustainable food items present in our locations.
  • Be sure to clean your plate! While we do compost all post-consumer food waste in the dining hall, food waste is more than just the physical serving sitting on your plate; you are also wasting the materials and energy that went into preparing that food in the first place.
  • Divert waste from the landfill; utilize recycling receptacles whenever available.
  • Participate in our sustainable programming each semester.

Reach out to us and share what you value! The success of most sustainable programs depends on your participation. Please share your thoughts!