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We recognize the various levels of interest and awareness on the topic of sustainability within a large campus population and are dedicated to students through activities and programs. The goal of our program is to identify, promote and educate the Georgetown community on sustainable initiatives, concepts and practices pertaining to campus dining. We regularly engage in community outreach through informational tabling sessions, sustainable food samplings and various programs and partnerships. We also work with the Office of Sustainability on campus to align our initiatives with the greater University goals and policies. Our sustainable operational initiatives can be broken down into the following pillars: Sustainable Food, Waste Reduction + Conservation and Community Involvement. For a brief overview, please review the sustainable initiatives listed below.

There’s more!

Interested in more tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle while dining with us? Check out the quick list below to do your part.

  • Look for sustainable food items present in our locations.
  • Be sure to clean your plate! While we do compost all post-consumer food waste in the dining hall, food waste is more than just the physical serving sitting on your plate; you are also wasting the materials and energy that went into preparing that food in the first place.
  • Divert waste from the landfill; utilize recycling receptacles whenever available.
  • Participate in our sustainable programming each semester.

Reach out to us and share what you value! The success of most sustainable programs depends on your participation. Please share your thoughts!