The Table @ Leo’s 

At this all-you-care-to-eat dining hall, we turn our kitchens inside out to create an environment where chefs craft every dish to-order, in front of our guests. Modeled after an open marketplace, this approach allows us to creatively deliver a simply fresh experience – every time! With 10 stations to choose from, The Table has what you need, when you need it: Produce Market, Plant Power, Allergen, Grill, Broth, Oven, Comfort, Halal, Bowls, Sweets.

Door rates: Breakfast- $14.78  Lunch- $18.64  Dinner- $20.91

Leo’s Market

An open market of tasty dishes from Southeast Asia to Latin America, Leo’s Market is mix of different retail locations in one place. Featuring 5 individual locations.

  • Leo’s MKT | 5Spice

    Come tour with us through classic authentic dishes from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Sink your teeth into a Bahn Mi sandwich, twirl your chopsticks in Pad Thai, feast on our sustainable Sushi, and hear the sizzle from the Gogigui.

  • Leo’s MKT | Bodega Deli

    Among almost every neighborhood of every city there exists the quintessential bodega. At Georgetown, Bodega is no different. It provides fresh, healthy meals on-the-go so you can stay focused on what’s important.

  • Leo’s MKT | Olive Branch

    Explore the diverse, rich cultures of the regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea with flavors from Morocco to Greece to Turkey. Olive Branch takes the fundamental culinary elements of Mediterranean cuisine and brings it to your plate.

  • Leo’s MKT | Sazon

    With fresh ingredients and savory spices, Sazon takes you on a trip through Latin America. From Ropa Vieja to Chichanron de Pascado, these authentic dishes are designed how you want it with build-your-own tacos and bowls.

  • Leo’s MKT | Launch Test Kitchen

    Launch doesn’t just change menus, it changes concepts. Check the website often so you don’t miss Burger Shack, Farmacy, Poke, Fly The Coop, or Tavolino, or a local restaurant pop-up, guest chef, cooking class or one of the other fun concepts we have planned.


Warm and toasty sandwiches. Light, airy croissants. Cinnamon rolls and pastries made with enriched batters. Satisfy your sweet tooth with cupcakes, jumbo cookies, or a fudgy brownie. Pair our chef’s daily signature delight with a cup of coffee from our local favorite, Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters.