Fall Back into Healthy Habits

Now that the back to school rush has ended, it’s time to fall back into Healthy Habits with Hoya Hospitality! Here’s a few tips from our Registered Dietitian:

  1. Pull yourself away from the computer screen for a few minutes each hour. This can give your eyes a much needed break from blue light. Take this time to stand up & stretch.
  2. Might consider going for a walk to pick-up lunch at one of our locations on-campus! Hint: Our menus in LEO|MKT change weekly, so there’s always something new to try. Be sure to check hoyaeats.com!
  3. Take time for self-care. We will be partnering with Yates Field House on November 14th to provide health & wellness tips. If you have time, hang around for a chair massage!

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[Pictured: Caribou Coffee from Einstein Bros. Bagels located in the Car Barn.]