Wellness Tips for Winter 2018


The best defense is a good offense! Improve your chances of staying well all winter long with immune-boosting foods. Eating a balanced diet high in antioxidant vitamins is a great way to up your game. Try sweet potatoes, carrots, and other orange foods for vitamin A; turn to citrus fruit for a daily dose of vitamin C; and get vitamin E from sensible portions of nuts and fortified cereals. Looking for an antioxidant trifecta? Reach for spinach! Dark leafy greens like spinach are true nutrient powerhouses that also help process and unlock energy from other foods.

Note: Since everyone’s health history and nutritional needs are so different, please make sure that you talk with your doctor and a registered dietitian to get advice about the diet and exercise plan that‘s right for you.

For more wellness tips and specific examples found here on campus, contact Hoya Hospitality’s Registered Dietitian, Tiffany Newenhouse at Newenhouse-tiffany@aramark.com.