Special Diets

Religious Restrictions

We aim to mirror Georgetown University’s commitment to interreligious understanding. In addition to vegan and vegetarian dishes, we have Halal and Kosher options available.

  • Halal chicken at the Grill in The Table at Leo’s (available upon request)
  • Olive Branch does not use pork, pork by products, or alcohol in any grain bowl recipes.
  • All chicken at Olive Branch is certified Halal, and we are currently sourcing a Halal beef provider. Meal Options include: Falafel, Grilled Chicken, or Lamb Meatball Grain Bowl
  • Kosher grab n go sandwiches and salads at Bodega Market. These items are prepared and certified Kosher by a third party vendor.
  • We also offer a variety of create-your-own options across campus, so you can create custom meals that adhere to your dietary restrictions more carefully.

How to use our online dietary filters