Choose to Reuse

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce single-use items, we are continuing our reusable to-go container  program. We are excited to continue to reduce landfill waste from single-use containers and food waste from leftovers. All students are able to enroll in the program at no cost!

How The Program Works

Once you opt-in to the program, you will be given a Hoya Hospitality carabiner that you can use to exchange for a clean container. Use the container to take food to-go from The Table.

Return the used container to the Welcome Desk in exchange for a clean container, or request a carabiner to use as a voucher for a clean container at a later time.

Enroll At No Cost

Georgetown students at every level of meal plan are given a carabiner at the beginning of the school year. You can enroll in the program at the beginning of the year only once using your GUID # and school email. If you have lost your complementary carabiner or container, you can re-enroll for a one-time purchase of $7!